Academic Articles 

(forth). Modals and Copulas in Aristotle. Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy.

(forth). Recent Work on Modality and Causation. Analysis.

(2018). Disposition AscriptionsPhilosophical Studies. [Springer]

(2011). Counterfactuals, Overdetermination, and Mental CausationProceedings of the Aristotelian Society. [Wiley]

Book Project

Aristotle's Metaphysics of Modality

Papers in Progress

Ancient Philosophy

Technē as a Science for Aristotle (with Carlotta Pavese) [draft]

The term δυνατόν in Ancient Greek and Aristotle

Sources of Change in Antiquity

Aristotle's Posterior Analytics I.8

Aristotle's Posterior Analytics II.4

Aristotle's Metaphysics Theta 5

Causal Relata for Efficient Causation

Metaphysics and Social Philosophy

Socio-Political Power


Causation and Events

Causal Freedoms


A Unified Semantics for Causal Claims

Modifying Modality? (with Angelika Kratzer & Ethan Nowak)

The Cause vs A Cause

Feminist Philosophy

Gyno-misogyny (with Carlotta Pavese)

Other Articles

(2017). Teaching Citizenship in Prison - Insegnando Cittadinanza in Carcere (*in Italian*; with Paolo Banfi). Ristretti Orizzonti.  [The next piece in the same issue, Stay Human!, was written by my students in prison during seminars. It’s fantastic.]