Academic Writings 

(forthcoming). ‘Recent Work on Modality and Causation’, Analysis.

(2011). ‘Counterfactuals, Overdetermination and Mental Causation’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, pp. 469-477.

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Papers in Progress

Ancient Greek philosophy

‘Aristotle's Metaphysics Theta 5’  

‘Formal Semantics with Aristotle’  

‘Causal Knowledge about Particulars in Aristotle's Posterior Analytics I.8’  

‘Sources of Change’  

‘Causal Relata for Efficient Causation’  

‘Aristotle's Skills' (with Carlotta Pavese)  

Contemporary metaphysics and semantics

‘Are Disposition Ascriptions Possibility Claims?’

‘Casual Claims and Events of Causation’  


Book Project

Aristotle on Necessity and Efficient Causation  



Non-Academic Writings

(2017). ‘3 Significant Ways Refugees Are Helping the Italian Economy Thrive’, The Tempest.

(2017). ‘Trump Meets Socrates. (They Talk about Women.)’, Daily Nous.

(2016). ‘Donald Trump's Victory Shows Why We Need Philosophy Students More than Ever’ (with David Egan), Times Higher Education.

(2016). ‘What Rome's Election of Its First Female Mayor Says about Women in Italian Politics’, Fortune.

(2013). ‘The Rise of Women in Italian Politics’, OpenDemocracy.


In Italian

(forthcoming). ‘Insegnando Cittadinanza in Carcere’ (with Paolo Banfi), Ristretti Orizzonti.