Academic Writings 

1. (forthcoming). Disposition Ascriptions, Philosophical Studies.

2. (forthcoming). Recent Work on Modality and Causation, Analysis.

3. (2011). Counterfactuals, Overdetermination and Mental CausationProceedings of the Aristotelian Society: 496-477.

4. (Accepted, in preparation) 'What's Behind Aristotle's Account of Skills in the Ethics', chapter for T. Anger et al. (eds.), Skill in Ancient Ethics.

Papers in Progress

Ancient Greek philosophy

Sources of Change

Aristotle's Metaphysics Theta 5

Formal Semantics with Aristotle

Aristotle's Posterior Analytics I.8

Causal Relata for Efficient Causation

Aristotle's Skills (with Carlotta Pavese)

Aristotle's Posterior Analytics II.4


A Unified Semantics for Causal Claims




Book Project

Aristotle on Necessity and Efficient Causation

Non-Academic Writings

(2017) [in Italian] Teaching Citizenship in Prison - Insegnando Cittadinanza in Carcere (with Paolo Banfi), Ristretti Orizzonti.  [The sub-sequent article in the same issue, 'Stay Human!', is fantastic. It was written by my students in prison.]


Further Early-Stage Papers

- Why Aristotle's Could and Should Have Realised He Was Wrong about Women

- Hylomorphism and the State

- Place for Aristotle

- Stoic Causes

- 'Easily' Graded

- Powers: How the Middle Ages Moved Away from Aristotle

- The Mereology of Causation

- Group Causation

- Causality, Dispositions, and Necessity

- Different Notions of Identity in Aristotle