Academic Writing 

(forth). Modals and Copulas in Aristotle. Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy.

(2019). Disposition AscriptionsPhilosophical Studies. [Springer] (first on-line in 2018)

(2011). Counterfactuals, Overdetermination, and Mental CausationProceedings of the Aristotelian Society. [Wiley]

Book Project

Aristotle's Metaphysics of Modality

Papers in Progress

I have several papers in progress. They cover topics in ancient philosophy, metaphysics, semantics, social philosophy, and feminist philosophy.

Please do not hesitate to email me for details!

Public Writing

(2017). Teaching Citizenship in Prison - Insegnando Cittadinanza in Carcere (*in Italian*; with Paolo Banfi). Ristretti Orizzonti.  [The next piece in the same issue, Stay Human!, was written by my students in prison during seminars. It’s fantastic.]