Hi! I am an assistant professor of philosophy at UCL. I finished my graduate studies at Oxford in 2017. I have been a lecturer at Oxford’s Exeter College and Worcester College, a visiting assistant professor at Columbia (Barnard), and a visiting fellow at NYU and Princeton.

My current research focusses on modality and causation, in ancient and contemporary debates. I look at both ancient and contemporary metaphysics and semantics. Broader interests include philosophy of mind, social philosophy, and feminist philosophy.

Sometimes people ask me: “But seriously, why modality and causation?”

I ultimately wish to flesh out certain notions of freedom and justice. To do that, I came to believe, I need to connect modality and causation first. I also came to believe that the Ancients have fascinating things to say here.

My writing has appeared in Fortune, the Times Higher Education, and OpenDemocracy, among other places.