Teaching is a very central part of my intellectual life. Places in which I taught: Columbia, NYU, Oxford, Trento's prison, and UCL.

Besides various topics in ancient philosophy, my previous courses have been about: metaphysics, logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, philosophy of mind, epistemology, Kant, history of ethics, introduction to philosophy, and freedoms. At Trento’s prison, moreover, I regularly teach Philosophical Dialogues and Citizenship. Next term at UCL I'll teach Modality: Linguistics and Philosophy (with Angelika Kratzer) and Truth in Plato and Aristotle (with Michael Peramatzis and Luca Castagnoli). Other future courses I am planning include medieval metaphysics, feminism, and totalitarianisms.

When possible, I integrate standard teaching methods with less standard ones. These include puppet shows (for Introduction to Ancient Philosophy) and film-making (an assignment for Freedoms, a Barnard's first-year seminar).

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Selected Syllabi

*Please cite or ask permission before using these syllabi*

Modality and Causation, Oxford-UCL joint graduate seminar, 2018.

Freedoms, first-year liberal art course, Barnard College, 2015.

Introduction to Philosophy, first-year, Barnard College & Columbia University, 2014.

Plato's Republic, third-year, tutorial series, Oxford University, 2013.

Plato's Euthyphro & Meno, second-year, tutorial series, Oxford University, 2013.