Pro Bono

I am a co-founder of Living Voices (Dalla Viva Voce), an NGO that helps ex-prisoners transition back to society. We mainly operate in Italy. Among other things, we run a series of theatre performances (in Italian) to raise social awareness about prison issues.

In addition to creating social awareness, we set up an apartment for people to restart their life (and work and study) once coming out of prison. We’ve then started a second-hand shop where ex prisoners work together with volunteers. We’re also working on a book project with writings by prisoners (more on this soon!).

In summers, I teach political and social philosophy at Trento's prison.

Until 2016, I was a project leader and coordinator at Oxford Microfinance Initiative (OMI), consulting pro bono for microfinance institutions that promise to make a positive impact on society.

My favourite project at OMI?

An impact assessment for the Women Global Empowerment Fund (WGEF), a non-profit organization which adopts a holistic approach to microfinance. WGEF does not only offer micro-loans to women in Northern Uganda, but combines this with free literacy and leadership courses, health education, and other services. It turns out that this method is particularly effective and there is reason to adopt them in microfinance more generally. You can donate to WGEF here.