Pro Bono Activities

  • In summers, I teach philosophy at The Summer School of Trento's Prison. (Sorry, no logo ;)


  • Recently, I co-founded the association Living Voices (Dalla Viva Voce). Our aim: helping ex-prisoners in transitioning back to society. We mainly operate in Italy, for now. (Logo's in the making...)


  • Till last year, I was a project leader and coordinator at Oxford Microfinance Initiative (OMI), offering consultancy pro bono to microfinance institutions that make a significant positive impact.
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My favourite project at OMI?

An impact assessment for the Women Global Empowerment Fund (WGEF), a non-profit organization which adopts a holistic approach to microfinance: rather than only offering micro-loans to women in Northern Uganda, they have combined this type of initiative with free literacy courses, leadership courses, health education and other things. It turns out that these methods are particularly efficacious, and there is reason to adopt them in microfinance more generally. You can donate to WGEF here.