Teaching is a central part of my intellectual life. 

Besides various things in ancient philosophy, I have taught: metaphysics, logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, philosophy of mind, epistemology, Kant, history of ethics, and freedoms. In summers, I teach Philosophical Dialogues and Citizenship (basically, political philosophy) at Trento's prison. 

I love to integrate standard teaching methods with less standard ones, when possible. These include puppet shows (for Introduction to Ancient Philosophy), and film-making (an assignment for Barnard's First-Year Seminar on Freedoms).

I’m currently planning future courses on medieval metaphysics, and totalitarianisms.


Selected Syllabi

Introduction to Ancient Philosophy, first-year course, UCL 2016.

Aristotle on Modality and Causation, graduate seminar, UCL 2015.

Topics in Metaphysics: Modality and Causation, graduate/third-year seminar, Barnard/Columbia 2015.

Freedoms, first-year liberal art course, Barnard 2015.

Introduction to Philosophy, first-year, Barnard/Columbia 2014.

Plato's Republic, third-year, tutorial series, Oxford 2013.

Plato's Euthyphro & Meno, second-year, tutorial series, Oxford 2013.


Feel free to email me for further syllabi and/or suggestions!